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Gustav Lundgren is one of Sweden's most prominent jazz guitarists right now. He was born in Stockholm 1980, started to play guitar at age 12. He studied music in Stockholm, Bollnäs and Svalöv between 1996-2000. Gustav started to play at clubs around Stockholm at age 16 and made his first tour to Spain with his own trio at age 19. Gustav has toured Japan, USA, Argentina, Indonesia, Portugal, England, Brazil, France, Syria, Turkey, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Moldova, Ukraine, Transnistria, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland with different jazz groups. He has released over 700 songs & his music has been streamed more than 40 million times. Gustav Lundgren has been working with names like: Jimmy Rosenberg, Chris Cheek, Jorge Rossy, Doug Weiss, Antoine Boyer, Bill McHenry, Lelo Nika, Samson Schmitt, The Swedish House Mafia, Kleerup, Petra Marklund, Miriam Bryant, AronChupa & Anne Sofie von Otter.

 He has also composed & recorded music for TV commercials & TV shows and produced albums for artists like Jelena Jakubovitch, Lili Araujo, Luiz Murá, Stockholm Swing All Stars, Celia Mur, Lisa Östergren and Hot Club de Suede. Gustav has performed in both TV and Radio in many different countries including the USA.
In 2004 Gustav was honored with his own signature guitar model from AJL-Guitars.
In 2005 he received the Louis Armstrong Scholarship.
In 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2016 he was honored with grants from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
In 2015 he received the Albin Hagström Scholarship and the Second Line Jazzband Scholarship.

"Gustav Lundgren is a world class guitarist who is creating his own swinging approach to music, combining elements from the masters with his unique sound, lines and technique.  Keep your ears on the north, Sweden has a gem up there named Gustav Lundgren! "
/ Jonathan Kreisberg

”I just listen to your Videos, boy you sound fantastic! Great playing!! good stuff!! I think it's cool that you're playing that big guitar with no cut away the sound is excellent.”
/ John Scofield

"I love what you´re doing, awesome man!"
/ George Benson

"When I heard you play you sounded fantastic. Next time I’m in Stockholm I would love to get together and play some if we both have the time. I’m sure I could learn a lot from you."
Mike Stern

"Last year I had the pleasure of playing some gigs with Gustav Lundgren and enjoyed a lot his beautiful tone, great sense of rhythm and original compositions, he is a great guitar player with a very soulful aproach to music and I hope we can play together again soon."
/ Jorge Rossy

"8 Venues is a wonderful CD that displays Gustav Lundgren´s skill as a composer and guitar player. As a guitarist, his sense of melody and harmonic ideas reflects the sophistication of his musical voice and technique."
/ Just Jazz Guitar"

"Gustav Lundgren, one of our best guitarists"
Swedish TV4

"He is a complete musician in absolute world-class."
/ Smålandposten

"Lundgren’s fretwork is fast but sure at a tempo that would tie most players’ fingers into knots."
/ Vintage Guitar Magazine

“One of the best guitar players in Europe”
/ Stina Pettersson - Commersen

"It’s almost impossible not to love this music."
/ Norra västerbotten

"Sweden's new guitar comet."
"World-class guitarist.”
/ Helsingin Sanomat